Yuri and his team have been very supportive of getting our new gate installed and having it the way we wanted it. it works great.

Ashley June

Almost all of the contractors we found were contacted, but Atlas Construction and Remodeling was the best by far. incredibly kind individuals who are still supporting us today and are always willing to lend a hand.

Kelvin Backus

The best of the best is Atlas Construction! They were really helpful to our family in furnishing a lovely home.

Ernest Dudley

Atlas Construction is a remarkable enterprise. Throughout the whole building process, from planning and permits to material, paint, appliance, and finishing product selection, the crew has demonstrated a high level of expertise and helpfulness.

James Dixon

Yuri and the owner of Atlas Construction-what a fine gentleman! He has a tremendous sense of work ethics, an excellent demeanor, and imparts into his workers the same sense of responsibility that he practices.

Michelle Miller

The experience of working with Yury and his team was excellent. They created and installed amazing cabinets. Yury's work demonstrates his inventiveness and ability, and I'm quite happy with the result. The installation went perfectly, and I'm overjoyed.

Michelle Johnson

My kitchen has been totally remodeled by Yuri and his crew! Their knowledge and meticulous attention to detail made the remodeling process easy and stress-free.

Lisa Bible

Yuri comes highly recommended for any remodeling project. His attention to detail and professionalism are apparent throughout my recently remodeled bathroom.

Casey Bush

Yuri and his team were outstanding from start to finish. Our dilapidated room was converted into a contemporary haven by their commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Kevin Ford

Yuri and his team's craftsmanship is unmatched. They went above and above my expectations in every way during the restoration of our house.

Jonathan Richardson

Yuri is an extremely knowledgeable and skilled contractor. He carefully considered my ideas and creatively and precisely brought them to reality.

Candice Garcia

Our house remodel is a testament to Yuri's attention to detail and dedication to quality. His services are highly recommended and we are happy with the outcome.

Spoon Ferguson

Throughout our kitchen renovation, Yuri's professionalism and knowledge were obvious. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to client happiness went above and beyond what we expected.

Matt Witmer

Yuri and his group are seasoned pros. Our concept became a reality because to their skill and attention to detail, and we are really pleased with the outcome.

Elliott Levin

Yuri's skills and experience were quite helpful when we were renovating our house. His dedication to superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail are unmatched.

Grant Harden

The renovation done by Yuri's team completely transformed my space; it's like walking into a brand-new home.

Daniel Joachim

I highly recommend Yuri and his team for any remodeling project. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched.

Michael Sanfosso

Yuri and his crew were a pleasure to work with from start to finish. Their professionalism and expertise were evident in every phase of our home renovation.

Margaret Salamon

Our experience with this contractor was wonderful, and we plan to work with them extensively in the future. They're responsive, constructive, and creative, and we're extremely pleased with every aspect of their service, including price, timeline, and quality.

James Dougherty

Yury and his team were fantastic to work with. They provided valuable assistance with the design and execution of a full bathroom remodel. We would absolutely hire them again!

Justin Demski

Superb work! Everything was completed exactly as planned.

Chris Grunwald

Yury did an excellent job installing the new door to my basement. I look forward to working with him again.

Lou Brechemin

Yury is incredibly focused on whatever task he's undertaking. His dedication to satisfying his customers is evident.

Michael Rilli

Our experience working with Yury and his team was exceptional. They transformed a hallway closet into a stunning home office, complete with custom-built black walnut furniture of unparalleled quality. Yury's attention to detail is remarkable, and he ensures his clients are well taken care of.

Tim Gitarsong

Yury is highly responsive and delivers excellent work.

Lee Zysk

Outstanding customer service and impeccable work. Yury not only did a great job but also cleaned up afterward, which is crucial.

Rez Rez

The painting and staining of our doors were executed excellently. Yury paid close attention to detail and ensured every aspect of the job was handled with care. We're very pleased with the final result.

Dana Kain

He arrived before the scheduled appointment, allowing me to use my time more productively.

Jakky Johnson

Working with Yury was a great experience. He's professional, punctual, and knowledgeable. I would definitely hire him again.

Ari Betof

Yury is exceptionally sincere, prompt, and professional. He meticulously ensures that the job is done right. I highly recommend this company to anyone. Thank you once again for all your assistance.

Jack Faracchio